There is no better way to “grade” a company than by reviewing unsolicited testimonials from the ownership or management of their various clients.
No matter how successful our organization is, everyone from valets to ownership appreciates being complimented on the job they are doing.
Click on the logos below to read each testimonial and you can also click on the underlined name of the establishment to go to their website.
ELITE hopes that you will contact our clients with any questions you may have. We are confident the more research you do and the more questions you ask will lead you to conclude that Elite Parking and Hospitality is your best choice for providing and solving your parking needs.

"After having years of problems with other companies, Elite has been a breath of fresh air. There are never any unsolvable issues and there are always compliments from patrons. They’re always on t ime and they’re always smiling.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the impressions made by Elite Parking and Hospitality, both at the beginning of our functions and at the end. We look forward to years of continued success with this well managed company."

Gary L. Schneider
Director of Sales
Carlyle on the Green